"ACLIMATIC”is a contracting company for industrial refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning systems. It´s main activities are in the field of supermarkets ,food industry , public kitchens , hotels , agriculture , and process industry.     "ACLIMATIC” employs a staff of about 25 engineers , technicians and other skilled and professionals. for planing , installing , commissioning and maintaining projects and systems all around Israel .

"ACLIMATIC” accumulates know how from over 60 years of activity in the

local market and abroad and is considered as a leading company in the refrigeration

business in Israel.

Among our many customers and projects you will find :


"SHUFERSAL”: Biggest supermarkets chain in Israel – (about 240 shops) refrigerated show cases refrigeration systems and special doors.


"BLUE SQUARE LTD”. Second biggest supermarket chain in Israel

(about 180 shops) – refrigerated show cases and refrigeration systems.


"TIV-TA´AM”: Meat products factory and supermarkets chain - blast freezers, refrigeration systems and show cases.


"GIDRON”: Biggest pastry manufacturer in Israel (belongs to Shufersal)-Industrial ice flake machines combined with electronic dosing system.


"PILSBERY”: Pastry products manufacturer. Freezing tunnels and cold stores.


"EL-SHEF”: A "SERVAIR” subsidiary company in Israel for inflight catering: all refrigeration and air conditioning systems for the kitchens.


"HOTELS” : "Hyatt Jerusalem” , "Hyatt Dead Sea” ,

"Royal Beach Eilat” , "Princess Eilat”, "Holiday inn Crown Plaza Dead Sea” "Hilton Jerusalem” "Intercontinental Tel – Aviv” and many other big hotels where "ACLIMATIC” installed central refrigeration systems.


"TNUVA”: Biggest dairy concern in Israel, all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, special vertical multi decks for fresh meat.


"OSEM" Biggest pasta and snacks manufacturer in Israel under "NESTLE" brand.


In all systems "ACLIMATIC” uses the best brand of refrigeration accessories and components as well as the most new technologies in the field.

"ACLIMATIC” represents exclusively and sells in Israel ,

very successfully, the following companies items :


1. "CARRIER” ("LINDE) refrigeration group - for refrigerated show cases.


2. "SCHWEYER” (France) – Polyethylene doors and bumpers for food plants

And supermarkets.


3. "ZIEGRA” (Germany) – industrial flakes Ice machines.


4. "FRUIT CONTROL” (Italy) – controlled atmosphere equipments for long

term storage of fruits.


5. "BOCCHINI FB” (Italy) - ice cream show cases bars and other coffee

house and restaurant equipment´s.


Additional information will be supplied upon request.